Home Maintenance Checklist For Early Spring in Maryland

Looking to prepare your Maryland home for the spring?

As winter begins to come to a close, here are a few top home maintenance items you should think about getting started on or scheduling in the near future. 

1. Clean Out Your Gutters

Cleaning out your gutters after the winter ensures that they’re ready for the upcoming spring showers in Maryland. By removing leaves, twigs, and other debris that has built up throughout the winter, you can ensure your roof remains in good shape and leak-free.

2. Have Your Roof Inspected

A roof inspection will ensure you catch any issues like damaged shingles, torn flashing and other potential leak-causing issues early, ensuring you avoid a more costly repair bill.

3. Inspect Your Driveway & Walkways

Winter weather, ice, and salt can take a toll on your cement walkway and your driveway. Look for major cracks and damage that may need to be resealed or repaired before further damage is done.

4. Check Your Windows & Screens 

Make sure your windows are in good shape and that wood elements are free of rot, termites, and other issues. Check your screens for tears and damage that could let bugs into your home when the weather turns warm and you begin opening your windows.

5. Get Your A/C Serviced 

Yearly A/C servicing is best done in the early spring before you need your A/C to be working around-the-clock. Proper air conditioning maintenance is the best way to prolong the lifespan of your unit and keep your home comfortable as the weather begins to warm up.

Prepare For The Changing Seasons With These Tips 

As the weather finally begins to warm up and ice and snow become more rare, these tips are sure to help you keep your home in great shape. Follow our tips now, and prepare your home for the spring!